Rythm: Medical Cannabis Simplified

Rythm is a vibrant cannabis brand that places the emphasis on emotion and experience instead of strains and cannabinoids. They’ve set out to create consistently authentic cannabis experiences that empower consumers to enjoy the plant just how they want to.

Finding Your Rythm

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Rythm is cannabis simplified. Instead of strains, cannabinoids, and terpenes, consumers are encouraged to think about what kind of cannabis experience they wish to have. Every Rythm product fits into one of four distinct categories: energize, balance, relax, and heal.

Their energize products are sativa-based and are intended for focus, creativity, and social interaction. Rythm’s balance line is made from hybrid strains that produce a robust mix of sativa and indica effects, while their relax products are indica-based and tend to make people relaxed, happy, and sleepy. And last but not least, Rythm’s heal products are CBD-rich and THC-free for a healing experience.

You don’t have to be a cannabis connoisseur to enjoy Rythm products, you just have to know what you want from your cannabis experience.

Flowers, Vapes, And Concentrates

Rythm specializes in the production and distribution of three main products: cannabis flowers, vape goods, and concentrates.

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Source: Rythm

It all starts with the flower. Rythm takes care to source their top-shelf flower from a network of master growers that preside over a massive genetic library of different strains. Thanks to the use of leading cultivation techniques and individualized care for every plant, these plants are consistently produced for peak potency and unquestioned purity.

Rythm also produces a range of live resin cannabis concentrates like sugar, sauce, and resin that can be dabbed, vaped, or smoked. All concentrates are extracted using techniques designed to preserve as many terpenes as possible while reaching potency levels that surpass those of the average vape cartridge.

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Source: Rythm

Speaking of vape cartridges, Rythm produces both 510 vape cartridges and pre-loaded PAX pods. No matter how you prefer to vape your oils and concentrates, there’s a product for you. And, similarly to their live resin concentrates, all of Rythm’s oils are produced with the preservation of natural terpenes and cannabinoids in mind.

Cannabis For A Cause

Apart from making exceptional products, Rythm also put their resources and influence to good use for charitable causes. They are regular contributors to breast cancer research and LGBTQ+ charities across America. If you like your cannabis with a conscience, Rythm’s got you covered.

You can find Rythm products at our Cambridge dispensary. Check out our online menu to see what’s in stock.